Volunteer groups.


Garden Volunteer groups.



Each Thursday a dedicated group of members meet at the Garden to work together on a variety of activities. Work is performed in an atmosphere where enjoyment and social friendships are the main ingredients.

Some of the work includes:

  • Propogation of plants
  • Growing plants for sale or for planting out into the garden
  • Establishing new areas and maintaining existing beds

*Contact us on 03 6433 1805 for further details.


We have a large number of overseas and Australian people visiting our gardens and volunteers are required on a roster basis for gatekeeping/tea room duties, even half a day each month would be helpful.

*Contact us on 03 6433 1805 for further details.


The ladies at Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden also cater for small functions, and any extra help is greatly appreciated.

*Contact us on 03 6433 1805 for further details.
Email: enquiries@emuvalleyrhodo.com.au